home based loans will disappear from the financial system

From February 1, there will be no foreign currency-based home loans, and the resulting problems will disappear from the domestic financial system, Michael Vargas said at a press conference in Good Finance on Saturday. Increase of HUF 1,000 billion in debt The Minister emphasized that February 1 is a historic date, settlement and conversion will […]

Payday Loan Application Basis: Steps in the Process and Time for Credit Assessment

Applying for a payday loan is always a complicated and well-controlled process, as it is not important to any bank to whom and under what circumstances it provides the loan amount. In order to make sure that the credit institution is credible, financial institutions make a credit assessment. Based on a rating of the debtor […]

Home Loans: Hundreds of Thousands Can Cost Borrowing

  Let’s forget about the 20-30 percent self-sufficiency: it is still very expensive to apply for a mortgage, only the goodwill of the banks that the customer does not have to pay hundreds of thousands. Few people think about the extra cost of borrowing. Additional costs involved in applying for a loan While most experts […]

Fixed loan Mortgage

A mortgage loan is a mortgage or real estate loan that can help you claim more money from financial institutions. In such cases, the loans taken are usually used for whatever purpose you want, so you can buy an apartment, a car, or start your own business. In most cases, the amount of credit is […]

Objective credit security

Credit security is a top priority for banks when it comes to making a profit from lending money, because what use is the potential gain, if it does not even materialize, even more, turns into loss. Collateral security minimizes the risk of repayment default, albeit not completely excluded. As a credit security, various (legal) funds […]